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Advanced Certification Limited Joins Amtivo Group

We are delighted to announce that Advanced Certification Limited, is set to become part of the Amtivo group, a leading specialist in ISO and industry-related certifications.

Under the stewardship of our Managing Director and co-founders, we are very proud that Advanced Certification (AC) has experienced a decade of impressive growth, establishing ourselves as a trusted provider of UKAS and IAS-accredited ISO certifications. This merger marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for Advanced Certification, promising to build on our past successes while embarking on a journey of strategic expansion and enhanced service delivery.

Amtivo Group, with its global presence and a portfolio that includes notable brands such as British Assessment Bureau and UK Food Certification in the UK, Certification Europe in Ireland, and Orion Registrar in the US, brings to the table its vast experience and a solid reputation for technical excellence and customer satisfaction. With over 30,000 certifications under its belt, Amtivo's expertise in the field is expected to complement Advanced Certification's commitment to quality, ensuring that the high standards our clients have come to expect will continue to be met and surpassed.

The integration into Amtivo Group is more than just a change of ownership; it represents a strategic alignment with a partner that shares Advanced Certification's values and ambitions. This merger is poised to enhance the range of products and services available to our clients, offering them additional value and opportunities to benefit their businesses. Amtivo's track record of award-winning client service, particularly through its UK brand, British Assessment Bureau, offers a reassuring indication of the group's client-focused approach.

For our clients, the transition promises continuity and stability. Existing relationships with our Advanced Certification team will be preserved, ensuring a seamless experience during and after the integration process. Amtivo's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of service and value guarantees that AC's clients will continue to receive the top-tier support they have always enjoyed.

In the coming months, our clients can expect detailed communications from the Amtivo team, outlining the specifics of the transition, what it means for them, and the timeline for any changes. The message is clear: it will be business as usual, with the added advantage of being part of a larger, globally recognised group.

Managing Director of Advanced Certification, James Gibb, has been instrumental in the company's success, and he will continue to play a vital role in this new chapter. By lending his expertise and insight to coach the Amtivo team, he will ensure that the legacy of excellence and client dedication that defined Advanced Certification's first decade will flourish under the Amtivo banner.

As we embark on this promising new journey with the Amtivo group, we would like to extend our gratitude to our clients for their trust and support. This partnership is a commitment to growth, excellence, and the continued success of Advanced Certification's clients in the ever-evolving world of certification.

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